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Since 2011 Dance Made In Cambodia has been working with young people from children's homes and NGOs in Cambodia.

Through workshops and performance projects we have not only introduced many people to a new art form but also encouraged a new way of thinking.

We do more than teach dance, we help people to see themselves and the world in a new way.

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New Heights 

Part of the Our City Festival 2014

DMIC works locally to bring dance participation to those who would otherwise not experience it. We believe that dance is an incredible vehicle that teaches us so much about ourselves.

If you'd like to know more about DMIC and how you can help, please contact us here.   

Meet Our Team

Stephen Bimson

Founder and Director


Melissa Gmuer de Mora 

Community Manager

Rachel Bowers 

Artistic Collaborator and Education Advisor

   Challenging the world to see potential

The world needs creative thinkers. DMIC helps create them.